Book Reviews by Author

N/AGreat Monuments of India
N/ASamak the Ayyar
N/AThe Arabian Nights
Achebe, ChinuaArrow of God
Achebe, ChinuaNo Longer at Ease
Achebe, ChinuaThings Fall Apart
Adams, DouglasLife, the Universe and Everything
Adams, DouglasMostly Harmless
Adams, DouglasSo Long, and Thanks for All the Fish
Adams, DouglasThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Adams, DouglasThe Restaurant at the End of the Universe
Adiga, AravindThe White Tiger
Agassi, AndreOpen
Amis, KingsleyEveryday Drinking
Atwood, MargaretThe Handmaid’s Tale
Austen, JaneMansfield Park
Austen, JaneSense and Sensibility
Barnes, JulianThe Sense of an Ending
Beevor, AntonyThe Battle for Spain
Booth, AlisonThe Painting
Brown, DanDeception Point
Burnett, Frances HodgsonThe Secret Garden
Butler, SamuelErewhon
Byatt, ASPossession
Chang, JungWild Swans
ChaucerThe Canterbury Tales
Clapton, EricEric Clapton – The Autobiography
Clarke, SusannaPiranesi
Cronin, JustinThe Passage
Cronin, JustinThe Twelve
Colfer, EoinAnd Another Thing…
Conrad, JosephHeart of Darkness
Correia, Luis de AssisGoa, Through the Mists of History
Dalley, JanThe Black Hole
Dawkins, RichardThe Selfish Gene
de Botton, AlainStatus Anxiety
Delgado, JamesKamikaze
Dennett, Daniel CConsciousness Explained
Desai, AnitaFasting, Feasting
Desai, AnitaThe Village by the Sea
Desai, KiranThe Inheritance of Loss
deWitt, PatrickThe Sisters Brothers
Dick, Philip KA Scanner Darkly
Dickens, CharlesA Tale of Two Cities
Dundas, EverGoblin
Edugyan, EsiHalf Blood Blues
Eliot, GeorgeMiddlemarch
Eliot, GeorgeThe Mill on the Floss
Endo, ShusakuSilence
Ferdowsi, AbolqasemThe Shahnameh
Ferguson, NiallCivilisation
Fernandes, EdnaThe Last Jews of Kerala
Frame, JanetThe Carpathians
Gaiman, NeilStardust
Ghosh, AmitavFlood of Fire
Ghosh, AmitavRiver of Smoke
Ghosh, AmitavSea of Poppies
Ghosh, AmitavThe Hungry Tide
Gleick, JamesGenius
Goldsworthy, AdrianThe Fall of the West
Graves, RobertClaudius the God
Graves, RobertI, Claudius
Hamid, MohsinThe Reluctant Fundamentalist
Hanif, MohammedA Case of Exploding Mangoes
Hardy, ThomasFar from the Madding Crowd
Hardy, ThomasJude the Obscure
Hardy, ThomasTess of the D’Urbervilles
Hardy, ThomasThe Mayor of Casterbridge
Hardy, ThomasThe Return of the Native
Hardy, ThomasThe Woodlanders
Harris, Richard AImagine
Harris, RobertFatherland
Harris, RobertThe Ghost
Heather, PeterThe Fall of the Roman Empire
Heather, PeterThe Restoration of Rome
Heller, JosephCatch-22
Hemingway, ErnestThe Sun Also Rises
Herbert, FrankDune
Hitchens, ChristopherGod is Not Great
Holland, TomIn the Shadow of the Sword
Hugo, VictorNotre Dame de Paris
Hulme, KeriThe Bone People
Isherwood, ChristopherA Single Man
Ishiguro, KazuaA Pale View of Hills
Jhabvala, Ruth PrawerHeat and Dust
Jones, LloydMister Pip
Kadare, IsmailThe General of the Dead Army
Kadare, IsmailThe Palace of Dreams
Kafka, FranzThe Castle
Kelman, StephenPigeon English
Kent, HannahBurial Rites
Kerouac, JackOn the Road
Kesey, KenOne Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Khilnani, SunilThe Idea of India
King, MichaelThe Penguin History of New Zealand
King, StephenMisery
Kolbert, ElizabethThe Sixth Extinction
Kolchak, JohnNext Year in Jerusalem
Kriwaczek, PaulIn Search of Zarathustra
Kundera, MilanThe Unbearable Lightness of Being
Lahir, JhumpaThe Interpreter of Maladies
Larsson, StiegThe Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest
Larsson, StiegThe Girl Who Played with Fire
Larsson, StiegThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Lessing, DorisThe Golden Notebook
Lewis, CSThe Chronicles of Narnia
Mahfouz, NaguibPalace of Desire
Mahfouz, NaguibPalace Walk
Mahfouz, NaguibSugar Street
Mailer, NormanThe Naked and the Dead
Mantel, HilaryBring Up the Bodies
Mantel, HilaryThe Mirror and the Light
Mantel, HilaryWolf Hall
Marquez, Gabriel GarciaOne Hundred Years of Solitude
Marshall-Cornwall, JamesNapoleon As Military Commander
May Alcott, LouisaLittle Women
McDaniel, TiffanyBetty
McDaniel, TiffanyThe Summer That Melted Everything
McEwan, IanAmsterdam
Misra, MariaVishnu’s Crowded Temple
Mistry, RohintonA Fine Balance
Mistry, RohintonFamily Matters
Mistry, RohintonSuch A Long Journey
Moers, WalterThe 13 ½ Lives of Captain Bluebear
Morris, RozEver Rest
Müller, Jan-WernerWhat is Populism?
Murakami, HarukiSouth of the Border, West of the Sun
Murakami, HarukiThe Strange Library
Murdoch, IrisThe Sea, the Sea
Némirovsky, IrèneSuite Française
Nietzsche, FriedrichThus Spoke Zarathustra
Paine, ThomasThe Thomas Paine Reader
Pamuk, OrhanThe White Castle
Picard, MichaelThis is Not a Book
Plotz, DavidThe Genius Factory
Remarque, Erich MariaAll Quiet on the Western Front
Renault, MaryThe Bull From the Sea
Renault, MaryThe King Must Die
Renault, MaryThe Last of the Wine
Renault, MaryThe Mask of Apollo
Renault, MaryThe Praise Singer
Richler, MordecaiBarney’s Version
Roberts, JMAncient History
Roy, ArundhatiThe God of Small Things
Rushdie, SalmanMidnight’s Children
Rushdie, SalmanShame
Russell, BertrandPower
Russell, BertrandWhy I Am Not a Christian
S Buck, PearlThe Good Earth
Scott, PaulA Division of the Spoils
Scott, PaulStaying On
Scott, PaulThe Day of the Scorpion
Scott, PaulThe Jewel in the Crown
Scott, PaulThe Towers of Silence
Seth, VikramA Suitable Boy
Shamsie, KamilaBurnt Shadows
Shriver, LionelWe Need to Talk About Kevin
Shubin, NeilYour Inner Fish
Singh, JaspreetChef
Skloot, RebeccaThe Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Snyder, TimothyOn Tyranny
Stedman, MLThe Light Between Oceans
Steinbeck, JohnEast of Eden
Steinbeck, JohnOf Mie and Men
Steinbeck, JohnThe Grapes of Wrath
Stevenson, Robert LouisTreasure Island
Stoker, BramDracula
Swift, JonathanGulliver’s Travels
Thayil, JeetNarcopolis
Tursun, PerhatThe Backstreets
Tyerman, ChristopherGod’s War
Updike, JohnThe Witches of Eastwick
VirgilThe Aeneid
Voltaire Candide
Von Tunzelmann, AlexIndian Summer
White, EBCharlotte’s Web
Wilde, OscarThe Picture of Dorian Gray
Wood, CharlotteThe Natural Way of Things
Wyndham, JohnThe Day of the Triffids
Xingjian, GaoSoul Mountain
Zusak, MarkusThe Book Thief