Welcome to We Need to Talk About Books – a personal blog of Jason Fernandes.

Here I share my thoughts as I work my way through my home library of almost 1,000 books.

I tend to like literary fiction from classics to contemporary. My favourite book is Catch-22. Other favourites include Jane Eyre, Crime and Punishment, The Odyssey, The Bell Jar, Nineteen Eighty Four, All Quiet on the Western Front, Lord of the Flies, His Dark Materials, Norwegian Wood and, of course, We Need to Talk About Kevin.

I also enjoy non-fiction, particularly books on science and history. Some favourites include The Ancestor’s Tale, Fermat’s Last Theorem, Big Bang, Natasha’s Dance and Over the Edge of the World.

My previous blog was called Rants and Raves and you may have been redirected here from there.

You can contact me at: weneedtotalkaboutbooks@outlook.com