Review Policy

I am happy to receive offers to review books. At the moment, it is probably not likely I will be able to accept your offer, burdened as I am with an already large and growing backlog of books I have not read yet. But if I have an opening in my schedule and your book piques my interest I may take up your offer. I also have some criteria to best fit my reading interests and this blog’s audience.

I am mostly interested in reading literary fiction. By ‘literary’ I also include translated books and historical fiction. I do read occasionally read other genres – science-fiction, fantasy, etc – but only the classics. So, I won’t take up offers for new genre fiction. I read a lot of non-fiction, but I won’t accept offers for them either.

I do have a special interest in fiction set in India and/or by Indian authors, so I may be open to them. This blog has been rewarded with a lot of views from India as a result.

I am open to receiving offers directly from authors, but your novel must be accepted by a publisher who has a release date for your novel. I am not interested in manuscripts, self-published novels or novels that do not yet have a publisher lined up.

Your novel should not be published yet. I would prefer to have time to read and have my review drafted before the book is released.

My reviews will be independent. If there are aspects of your novel I did not enjoy, I will probably say so in my review.

If your novel meets the above criteria, I will be happy to hear from you. If I turn you down, please don’t be offended. The most likely reason will be that my schedule is full! You can contact me at

To see some of the reviews I have written from requests I have received, check out the following:

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