Ten Authors I Have Not Read, But Want To

Today’s topic for a Top Ten Tuesday from That Artsy Reader Girl is ‘Authors I Haven’t Read but Want to’. Fortunately, there is no shortage of those on my shelves.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche

I have three of her novels on my shelf and am desperate to read them, yet can’t overcome my obligations to those higher on my TBR list (foolish I know, I’m working on it). And while I have not read her non-fiction, or listened to much of her interviews or speeches, either, what little I have heard makes me feel like she might not only become a novelist I love, but a hero for the things she stands up for.

Elena Ferrante

I still have not read the Neapolitan Novels

James Baldwin

I only have one of his novels, but I think I will want to read more of him than that.

VS Naipaul

A Nobel Prize winning writer of post-colonial literature? Sounds right for me.

Susanna Clarke

It’s a shame for her fans that her health prevents her from writing as much as she would like. I have copies of both her novels and am eager to read them.

PG Wodehouse

A writer that isn’t talked about a lot anymore, except amongst his fans who rave about him. I have the set of his Jeeves and Wooster novels and I am tempted to just shut myself off from other books and read them all back to back.

George RR Martin

Unlike everyone else on this list, I own no George RR Martin books. I would love to read A Song of Fire and Ice but perhaps only if he gets around to finishing it – not a big fan of incomplete series.

Maurice Druon

Interest in Druon spiked because George RR Martin called his Accursed Kings series the ‘real’ Game of Thrones and cited it as an inspiration. I have the series, just need to make time to read it.

Barbara Kingsolver

I have three of her novels, and have not read any yet, including The Lacuna – the book that inspired my wife to take a trip to Mexico where we met.

JK Rowling

Yes. I still have not read any JK Rowling. Unlike films or music, if there are books everyone (not just the bookish) are raving about, it makes me want to steer clear. I’m sure they are wonderful, I will get around to them one day. I imagined I would when my children took an interest but so far no takers there either!


  1. Don’t wait for your kids – start the HP books today! They’re wonderful. I haven’t read Rowlings’ adult books, but I love the HP series. My daughter is a huge fan, too. When she was younger, she read the series over and over and over.

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!


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