3 Day 3 Quotes Challenge [Day One]

I have been nominated by Reading for Sanity Mom (see her blog here) for the 3-Day-3-Quote Challenge. Today is day one.

I have made a large collection of favourite quotes from the books I have read in recent years. It makes it quite difficult to choose them for any special reason. Instead I went to a random spot on my list and picked the next three that I liked most.

Today’s quote comes from The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing:

Very few people really care about freedom, about liberty, about the truth, very few. Very few people have guts, the kind of guts on which a real democracy has to depend. Without people with that sort of guts a free society dies or cannot be born.

A few days ago on Twitter I saw a photo from the 1930’s of thousands of Germans protesting the rise of the Nazi Party. They had little impact. In fact many, maybe most, protest movements have made little impact. The Vietnam protests did not impede the war, if anything the correlation is in the opposite direction. Will the #MeToo and Gun Violence protests also prove to be impotent? Because it is not enough turn up to say ‘I’m offended’ or ‘I’m unhappy’ and then return to our homes and our jobs. Change will come from those who put those on the line and, rather than protest, will use the democratic avenues that produce real change. And democracy will be saved most by those already putting their livelihoods, their reputations and even their safety at risk to defend the right to hear unpopular opinions and promote the acceptance of inconvenient facts.

Or  with ‘guts’ as Lessing puts it.

I nominate:

Karen at Booker Talk

Laurie at Relevant Obscurity

Helen at She Read Novels

Rules of the Challenge:

  • Thank the person who challenged you (thank you Reading for Sanity Mom!)
  • Post one quote each day for three days
  • Nominate three new bloggers each day

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