Ten Authors I [Will] Read the Most Books From

This week, I am revisiting an old topic from The Broke and the Bookish (#254 if you’re counting) with a twist. The topic was for the ‘authors I have read the most books from’, but I’ve decided to make it forward looking and have come up with a list of authors who are not currently among my most-read, but will be. You know, one day, when I get around to it. How can I be sure? Well I already have enough of their books on my shelves and enough motivation to make it happen one day.

For the record, the authors I have read the most are: Roald Dahl (not sure how many, at least seven, mostly his children’s books); CS Lewis (Seven, ie, The Chronicles of Narnia); Paul Scott (Five, ie, The Raj Quartet and Staying On); Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy, Dan Brown, Michael Crichton, Stephen King (Four each). After that there are a whole lot of authors I have read three books from. So to qualify for this list, the author has to be someone I have read fewer than two books from, but I plan on reading at least five of their books.

1. Margaret Atwood (read two, plan to read at least five)

2. Alison Weir (read zero, plan to read at least five)

3. HG Wells (read zero, plan to read six)

4. Murakami (read two*, plan to read at least seven)

5. Simon Singh (read two, plan to read five)

6. PG Wodehouse (read zero, plan to read at least fourteen, ie, at least the Jeeves & Wooster series)

7. Lemony Snicket (read zero, plan to read at least thirteen, ie, A Series of Unfortunate Events)

8. Antony Beevor (read one, plan to read five)

9. JK Rowling (read zero, plan to read seven, ie, Harry Potter)

10. Jules Verne (read zero, plan to read four*)

I’ve had to make some exceptions to make a list. Technically, I have read three Murakamis, but one of those was The Strange Library which is… strange. I decided not to count it for the purpose of this list.

When I first began thinking about this list, I had included Amitav Ghosh, but I’ve now read three of his novels which disqualifies him! I have also excluded an author I will read five short books from next year; I don’t want to spoil my 2018 Reading List (out soon!).

I am also planning on buying a complete series this Christmas, just as I had last year with A Series of Unfortunate Events, but since it is not in my greedy hands yet, it also does not qualify for this list.

By making these exclusions I struggled to come up with a tenth author who met the criteria of having read fewer than three books and sure to read at least five since I already own as many. So, I had to throw in an author I am probably going to read only four books of and that was Jules Verne.

Is Alison Weir a good writer? She’s certainly one of the most popular in bookstores for biographies of medieval English/French monarchs. I hope she’s good, between my wife and I, we have many of her books.

I may read even more Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler beyond the Unfortunate Events series; his new book, All the Dirty Parts, sounds intriguing.


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